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I watched the YouTube video below, where Jesus is referred to, by Christians and Muslims, as The Prince of Peace and as a refugee! We all are refugees if we feel that this World in not our Home.



Some of us celebrate Christmas and some do not, this is not the point of this message! The point is the following:



God sent His Word in human flesh to show us how much He loves us.



Now let us think about some facts. We all know that Jesus died, sacrificed Himself, on Friday, the day before the Passover Sabbath which fell on the Seventh-day Sabbath. That is the reason for referring to it as “a High Sabbath” (John 19:31). Passover is usually during the last part of March or the first part of April. If we do the math, we may conclude that Jesus, who was conceived by Mary through the Holy Spirit, was born during the last part of September or the first part of October. This is a period where it would still be possible for the shepherds to be out on the hills and in the fields of Judia during the night. December is a very cold time in the Holy Land with a very good possibility of snow and/or frost.



Is it possible for us to come together in Thanking God for His Gift and allow ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren to enjoy the season for whichever reason we might be able to accept?



May the peace of The Prince of Peace fill our hearts and lives.

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