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Rescuing, Repatriating, Redefining, and Reintroducing My Patriarchs God Given Heritage Through:

Heralding Abraham’s Newly Invigorated Faith

By Abd El-Hadi


One of the very first things we need to acknowledge is the fact that all revelation concerning The One True God of Heaven, Earth, and all Creation, came to mankind from one area in the World “The Middle East” and one ethnic group “The Semites”.

I am a child of the Middle East and my mother-tongue is Arabic. I came to the West after getting married and having started a family.

It has always been a struggle for me to try to make sense of how the Western mind understands, in its “Hellenistic” way of thinking, the great truths that God almighty inspired to His Prophets who expressed them in their “Semitic” way of thinking.

Westerners are very logical and want everything to be in a well balanced and symmetrical form, almost like a square. While we in the Middle East “Semites”, can go round and round and round and round, like the song goes. We say something, then we repeat it in a different way and yet a third way then we talk about something else then without any apparent reason we go back to the original idea. Is your head spinning yet! Can you fit a circle in a square or vise-versa?

What really got my attention was what one of the commentators said during Pope John Paul II’s funeral, he said that the original language of the Christian Church was Greek. That might be true if you are thinking of the Church of Rome, but the First Apostolic Church spoke Aramaic which was the language that “Joshua/Issa/Jesus the Son of Mary” spoke.

Having said that, I will attempt with The Almighty’s help to bring out of the commonly used words and expressions, in the Western World, some of the deeper meanings that might not even be clear to some of us who speak one or more of the Semitic languages! I will also introduce some very important Arabic words which are essential for our final goal of building bridges of understanding and respect between all the believers in the One True God, the God of our father Abraham! May this process be guided by The Holy Spirit of The Eternal Ha-Shem/Allah/God of our father Abraham, and to the uplifting of His most Holy Name, amen. ABD EL-HADI This is a name full of meaning in Arabic.

Abd means servant or slave and is the root that has other meanings in different “measures” or “patterns” and even with different short vowels, which are not written (marked) on words other than in important literary works especially The Holy Scriptures. That root pronounced “AaBaDa” means “he worshiped”.

El-Hadi means “the one who leads/guides or the giver of a gift” and is from the root “HaDA”.

So in worshiping the ONE who leads and guides us to all TRUTH through the GIFT of HIS WORD we become His submissive servants and slaves, not because He is a suppressive master but because of His eternal love and mercy which He bestows upon us.

If we were to think of at least one text in any of the three “Holy and Respected Scriptures” of the “Three Monotheistic Religions”, that have the word “HaDA” in them, we would find a pattern of similar thinking and direction. Let us take a look in chronological order:

The TORAH: Psalm 23:3 “He leads me to paths of righteousness …”

The GOSPLE: 2 Thessalonians 3:5 “Now may the Lord direct (lead) your hearts into the love of God …”

The QUR’AN: Surah 1:6 “Show (lead) us (to) the straight way.” God wants us to submit to Him and actually follow

His leading, not just ask for it. If you agree with me then you too are Abd (m) or Abdat (f) El-hadi

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