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All believers declare that God is merciful but do we really know what that means and do we truly believe what we declare?

The Arabic and Hebrew roots for the word translated merciful are the same, it is “RaHaMa”. This, like all other “roots” is in the “third person singular past tense” and literally means “he mercied”. Now if we were to change the short vowels and said “RaHeM” this word would mean “womb”! Please fasten your seat belts.

I am thankful for the English language because it is not schizophrenia. Now let me explain, I can discuss religion, in English, for as long as I live without you figuring out my religious affiliation. This is not true of Arabic. Arabic is schizophrenic! You need but hear a few words to know if you are speaking with a Muslim or a Christian. It could be the choice of words or even the accent!

With that in mind, let me use one of the most if not the most used phrase in Arabic:

“In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful”

The Arabic words for Gracious and Merciful are from the root “RaHaMa”. In this case the Arabic for Gracious is “RaHMan” which is ONLY used to describe God almighty. Now if we were to add one short vowel to make the word “RaHeMan”, this word would mean two wombs. The word Merciful in Arabic is “RaHiM” and it like “RaHMan” means “He is abundant in mercy”.

OK, now I really want to make sure that you have fastened your seat belt and are willing to give me some latitude (like the pun?).

What would you say is the safest place for a newly developing, fragile, helpless, and defenseless human being? If you are like me, you would say: “a mother’s womb”. It is only stating the obvious when we say that a baby in his/her mother’s womb gets all it needs including but not limited to shelter, warmth, nourishment, and love. Is this not the best way to define MERCY?

Could we say that God is the Wobmiest of all womby?

The God of Abraham is Abundant in mercy, praise His name!

Keeping in mind that God is Spirit, that He has not been seen by human eyes nor can the human mind begin to imagine what He is like, let me point out that not only does God refer to Himself as “RaHMan RaHiM”, but in the Torah He is called “El-Shadie” meaning “the Big Breasted One”!

If we are true believers and accept all Scripture, we should accept the fact that “God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him, male and female He created them” Genesis 1:27.

I am so thankful that my God is so lovingly unmatched in His mercy. I know He will never abandon me nor let go of my hand for as long as I keep holding onto Him in total submission. He has promised to take care of me in all ways and I can rest assured that His promises are as true as He is.

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