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I would like to begin our studies by looking at this very important word “taqwa” (godliness) and its active participle “muttaqui” (godly).

They try to tell us that we have to be like God, even be one with Him! For us “Semites” God is high and lofty. We do not even pronounce His Hebrew name. We refer to Him as the “Ha-Shem” meaning “The Name” or “Edoni”. We are not comfortable with the sense of “familiarity” that is conveyed in the Western way of approaching The Most High. In fact, many of us are offended and think that the people of the West do not respect God!

The Greek word for “godliness” means “devoutness, piety, revering God, worshiping God …!

The Arabic word for “godliness” is “taqwa”, from the root “waqa”, meaning “protect against, prevent (like an ounce of prevention)”. When we “fear” revere, worship, and are devoted to God/Allah/Ha- Shem, that protects us against and prevents us from not following His teachings and admonitions as reveled in His Word. The Word, either as seen in nature, in written form, or even incarnate in Issa son of Mary, peace be upon Him. Do not be shocked, Issa is the Arabic name for the Hebrew Joshua and Jesus in English.

Don’t you think that we need to go back to respecting the God of gods and King of kings at least to the same degree of respecting an Earthly king, queen, president, court judge, or even a traffic police officer?

Angels in heaven cover their faces and feet when they are in His presence, yet some, so called believers, go to their houses of worship almost half naked!

Are these people manifesting devoutness, piety, and reverence while they are attempting to worship God? How can they avoid and protect against evil thoughts when they are, knowingly or unknowingly, embodying the root of all evil, namely LUST?

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