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The word Hanif in Arabic refers to a believer in The Almighty Eternal God who is obedient to His commands and teachings as revealed in His holy scriptures.

The best way to manifest such submission is to lead a life which, by God’s grace, is going against man’s natural tendencies towards sin and evil. This person is always striving to allow God’s Holy Spirit to take control of his/her life thus growing in the desire to do good and shun evil. This is true faith manifest in good fruit.

Our father Abraham was a hanif. He had a very strong faith stemming from a very intimate relationship with his God. This relationship was possible only because Abraham had resolved to get as well acquainted with God as possible. He submitted to God’s revelations to him and obeyed even to the point of being willing to offer his son as a sacrifice to God.

God honored Abraham’s faith and saved his son, not through good works or acts of penance nor paying great sums of money, but through substitution. God provided a Ram, Abraham accepted God’s Gift, and he returned home with his ransomed son.

We need to follow in our father Abraham’s footsteps. There is nothing that we can do, on our own, that could gain us the minutest nano-favor with God.

Our aim is to help one-another in our endeavor to find and follow God’s straight path which will lead us to become true HANIF.

May the All Merciful God of our father Abraham give us the submission we need to follow His lead. Our father Abraham allowed God to lead him and because of that he was a HANIF.

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