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This word “JIHAD” is like “the third rail” if used positively it brings life and positive action, but if used negatively it produces disastrous results which are mainly the result of bigotry!

JIHAD” is what is called a “verbal noun” and comes from the Arabic root “JaHaDa” in its III (third) Measure “JAHaDa”. This root appears in five (forms) of the ten most common Measures. There are at least fourteen main Measures for conjugating an Arabic verb. The general meaning of this root is: exert an effort, cause fatigue, struggle, fight, strive, excel, compete, and work hard … etc. The correct pronunciation is “JiHAD” being that the “i” is a short vowel, which is not written in Arabic and the “A” is a long vowel and it is written to indicate the Measure from which it is derived which is Measure III (three) as previously indicated.

This root appears forty one (41) times in the Honored Qur’an. Thirty five times it is in the IIIrd Measure. It does not always mean “making war against some one” but that meaning is definitely there in some verses. In the Arabic translation of the Holy Bible this root appears sixty one (61) times. Fourteen times in the Torah (the Old Testament), two of which are in Measure III but they have nothing to do with war or fighting. The Injeel (the New Testament) uses this root forty seven (47) times, seven of which are in Measure III. Only three of these seven occurrences mean struggle or fight. You can find these texts in the Gospel of John 18:36; 1 Timothy 6:12; and 2 Timothy 4:7.

As believers in and worshipers of the One True God, the God of Abraham, we need to strive and exert our utmost effort “JiHAD” in understanding one another to avoid the hatred and bigotry which are the cause of most of the evil and hateful acts we commit against one another in the name of God!

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