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We were having breakfast in the city of Eureka, CA, on our way to the State of Washington, on HWY 101. A gentleman told us that we would possibly see many cars parked on either side of the Klamath River Bridge, with pedestrians watching what was described as “A Whale in Love with the Bridge”.

Sure enough we saw the cars, so we parked and walked to the middle of the bridge. People pay big money and ride into the rough waters of the ocean to see the magnificent sight we saw just beneath us. There, to our amazement, was a 45-foot long grey whale swimming around in circles oblivious to the crowds she was attracting. The amazing sight was made even more poignant by the fact that this wonderful creature seemed to be comfortable in an environment deemed highly hostile to her survival.

How can a mother whale swim with her calf from her natural salty ocean waters, rich in nourishment and companionship, to such a dangerous place? The calf had the good sense to swim 3 miles back to the ocean, even though it had to leave its mother, because it felt the danger of remaining in that seemingly peaceful but lethal environment.

The reasons why we are asking the question: “Are you a Klamath River Whale?” are many. We will try to derive some lessons that could apply to us. There could be many others and if you think of any, we would love to hear from you. But here is what grabbed our attention:

This mother whale had given birth to her precious calf and was headed North to Alaska for a normal life. But, it is said that, she was scared by one thing or another and sought refuge in what she thought was a safe place. Now, as far as we are concerned, we are born into families of faith and we seem to be on a journey to a better place. We are surrounded by many noises, ideologies, religious practices and the rest of it.

To most of us, as we grow older, this is so scary that we choose to separate ourselves from those crowds, noises, confusion, and demanding laws and regulations. By doing so we deprive ourselves of knowing what others believe. That turns us into fanatics and extremists trapped in an environment we believe is a safe haven. The dangerous thing about this is that we leave the "salty waters" which are suitable for our spiritual lives and growth only to find ourselves in sweet waters which seem to be very hospitable, yet death and destruction are hiding in them. We start to lose our saltiness!

How many a religion, denomination, and house of worship have become death traps because of the false sense of security they provide to those who seek refuge in them? They cloister themselves away from others and think that by so doing, they are safe!

God’s Word made flesh, Jesus/Isa/Yeshua, said in the Gospel/Injeel: “You are the salt of the earth” (Matthew 5:13 NIV). Salt is essential for life but when it goes bad, it can cause electrolyte deficiencies and heart problems. What about our spiritual life? Could we become “bad salt” and “spiritually” kill ourselves and others?

How many of us have chosen to isolate and deprive ourselves of the essentials for spiritual growth? Do you know of any religious entity that claims that you have to be part of it to be fulfilling God’s demands? Is God a god of religion, denomination, or any house of worship? We, at Abraham’s Children Ministries, have tasted first hand how good it is not to judge others. This is the result of our willingness to step out of our comfort zone, "the Klamath River”,  and step into the vast ocean of spirituality. We have been richly blessed by our exposure to other ways of thinking and other methods of worshiping the Almighty One, Creator and Sustainer of everyone and everything.

If we are to be the “salt of the earth” we need to mingle with the world without being of the world. We can not expect salt to flavor food while it is in the salt shaker. We have turned our houses of worship into salt shakers that seem to have no holes to sprinkle God’s love upon those who “know” Him not. The “salt” has gone bad!

Coming back to our question “Are you a Klamath River Whale?” Are you willing to beach yourself right where you are and die, or are you willing, like the young calf, to swim back to the ocean where there is LIFE?

For more details about this amazing story, please click on the following link : http/

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