Origin of Sin and God's Promised Solution (10 of 14) Add Video

Posted by ACM - Abraham´s Children Ministries on February 7, 2013 at 10:23 PM 2131 Views

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Reply John Dominique
8:57 PM on July 21, 2016 
Perhaps the greatest sin is in believing we are separate and apart from God. The one who is cast down refers to me, or more specifically a certain part of me called the personality. I learned the Garden represents the state of childhood and when I became an adult I started to bite the forbidden fruit thinking I could judge the difference between right and wrong and good and bad. i started to turn my back on the child-like part of me and began to identify with the personality that slowly built over a number of years. I liked the illusion of control the personality gave me but I lost connection with that innocent part of me which is also the root of my self-worth. The personality told me I had no value and I needed to earn it by living like Jesus, believing in a religion, going to church, etc. I didn't realize this but I subconsciously admitted was worthless and I felt God was very far from me because of this.

The alternative was to quit biting the fruit and quit judging myself as sinful. That seemed to make me feel very vulnerable, open to attack and more naked. But in that weakness was the source of my true infinite strength. The ability to quit judging put me in touch with an infinite expanse of space. I thought that much openness would surely kill me and would be very very bad but I hardly noticed that was judging and biting the forbidden fruit again. I finally figured out the infinite space was my awakening to the soul. This is the infinite and eternal part of me. It's not a coincidence that God is also infinite and eternal. The soul is one with God. He who has seen me has seen the Father. No one goes to the Father except through me. You will deny me 3 times before the rooster crows showed me how much I tried to avoid the soul. But in the end it is the source of infinite treasure and eternal richness. It is the only thing that matters. I found it is my true identity and it is exactly what the story of Jesus represents.

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