SHARING MUSLIM STORIES SHARING MUSLIM STORIES Booklet of UFP 122534550 Audience on the event 122534411 122534412 Waiting for the beginning of the event 122534413 122534414 122534415 122534416 122534417 122534418 It is always a warmth smile that waits for us at the ICCF. Thank you! 122534419 Kamal Abu-Shamsieh; Director of the ICCF, addressing the audience 122534420 122534421 How wonderful it is when we help and work together in spite of our differences, and build Peace! 122534422 122534423 122534424 122534425 122534426 The Sisters of Manzanar tells the story of internment of Japanese Americans during world war II through the experiences of sisters Lana and Amy when their family is sent to the Manzanar Relocation Center in the desert of Owens Valley, California. IFYA has 20 tickets available. Youth can attend the opera for free if accompanied by an adult. Tickets are $25.00 each. For details, visit An event not to miss! 122534427 122534428 Imam Seyed Ali Ghazvini, a godly, caring and loving soul we highly appreciate! Subhan Allah! 122534429 122534430 122534432 122534431 Michael Wolfe addressing the audience and introducing UPF. 122534434 122534433 122534435 122534436 "Simon Halali", one of UPF films about the life of a brilliant Kabyle Algerian singer of jewish origin, who lived inside the Paris Mosque for 3 years during the WWar. 122534437 Enjoying the sharing of information about UPF 122534438 Enjoying the friendly and caring atmosphere of the ICCF 122534439 122534440 122534441 122534442 122534443 122534444 122534445 122534446 122534447 122534448 Thank you for such a wonderful event! 122534549