Poetry is... just things... feelings... experiences... all blooming in my inner garden... and... in their time... like a begotten child... they are born... as a child of my soul... 

Dina Estassi



Being lost in the serenity 
of a lazy dusk, 
I try to imagine myself: 
one in Thee. 

If my hands were Yours, 
if my whole life
would breath in You, 
and my heart beat within Yours,

I would be invaded by
the abandon of Love, 
the simplicity of being, 
the free confidence of hope, 
the innocence of a sudden smile. 

Everything would be
so different! 

But…  What do I do? 
Do I just feel
the last caress of a sleepy sunset? 
the freedom drawn by the flying of seagulls?
the tranquility of an immense lake? 

Oh, if I was one in Thee, 
it would no longer be my own eyes,
not even my own hands or lips, 
but only 
Thou in me!
Missing my Eternal Home


I miss a New Earth which I do not know…
but I know it will be beautiful
beyond my imagination,
beyond what I can conceive!

I do not know how I will be there,
but I know that my life will be eternal,
and I will feel no more pain or suffering.
I do not know what the color of my eyes will be,
but I know they will not have more tears.

I do not know how our homes will be,
Nor if the Spring will be in bloom,
but I know that I will cultivate fields,
and the sea will be as transparent as crystal.

I do not know how the animals will be there,
but I know that, quietly,
the wolf shall graze with the lamb
and a child will have no more fear
and will play happily with a lion.

I do not know him,
I do not even know what his name is,
but I do know that when I get there
my Angel will come to me,
the very one
who accompanied me along my life  journey.

I do not know if there will be sun or moon,
or if the sky will have stars,
but I do know that I will walk every day,
side by side with my Lord,
The Light of my life.

I do not know clearly
how that New Earth will be
But I miss it!
I long to reach this eternal home,
which is beyond my imagination,
beyond what I can conceive,
but which I already love so much!

A Message to my Angel


Will Jade be your name?
Blue your eyes?
Sweet your voice?

We have been walking together
all my life journey…
but I can not see you…

In my troubled times,
I imagine the tenderness of your touch
wiping my flowing tears
and wrapping me in an affectionate embrace,
but I could not feel it…

Surely you have already smiled at me,
when, lost  in dusk’s serenity, on the beach,
I was hearing the roar of the sea,
but I could not hear the sound of your voice...

In times and space surrounding me now,
I envision how soon I will meet you…

The moment when, finally,
I will see the tranquility of your eyes,
I will hear the innocence of your voice
telling me your name.

I know I will hold your hand,
which I will feel at last,
and I will let me go with you
through every, yet unknown, street
of the beautiful city of New Jerusalem.

My heart will then be
warm and delighted,
happy and rejoicing
as I always dreamt it would be!


Tonight, because the weather is good

Come sit beside me on the damp sand of the beach, facing the sea.
It is getting dark, the weather is good, and it is also a restart of our life.

We deserve a moment of rest, only the two of us.

We were lonely in the past.We needed courage and perseverance to move ahead.But, now we have each other.

We need love for the rest of our journey. We have each other.
But to love is not what we think.
It is not only the kisses we give, the sweet words we whisper,
or the feeling of closeness to each other.

Life is long, these are only moments.
The time to live again is here and we must do what was not done.
We need to do it because it is begging to be done.

Many times, loneliness will hurt,
maybe the years will pass and we might not progress,
it may seem as if we have regressed.
All concerns, work, hard times will come,
but we will be there.

We will remain faithful to each other.
You will lean on me and I on you,
and both of us on God.



How blessed we are to be together. We will hold on.
True love is not what one thinks.
True love is not for one day but forever.

It is to help, to understand,
and little by little everything will fall in place.
We have laid the foundations of our life.

So come to my side and accept,
it is time to be happy,
when everything is rosy at dusk and a pink mist rises everywhere.

Let me hold you in a tight embrace.
We will not say anything, we do not need to say anything.
We just need to be together one more time…
and in the contentment of our shared love,
let us wait together as the night falls.

Let There Be Peace on Earth


Let there be peace on Earth
and let it begin with me.
Let there be peace on Earth,
the peace that was meant to be.

With God our Creator
we are family.
Let us walk with each other
in perfect harmony.
Let peace begin with me
let this be the moment now.
With every step I take,
let this be my solemn vow.

To take each moment
and live each moment
in peace eternally.

Let there be peace on Earth
and let it begin with me.

Jill Jackson-Miller)

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